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Incident response

YardTech incident response service leverages an advanced response automation platform that includes workflows, case management, forensic tools, and playbooks for common incidents.As and when a new threat is neutralized by our incident respondents, the remediation is added to the platform for an autonomous response.Our respondents collaborate with your in-house teams to coordinate necessary actions across your enterprise.Whether an incident originates from a known or new threat, YardTech incident response management system ensures that you and your enterprise benefit from the most efficient, most effective solution.

  • Financial data, payment card data, and unauthorized banking transfers
  • Intellectual property, confidential market, strategy, and research data
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) 
  • Customer or patient health information (PHI)

  • Co-operation with Law Enforcement Agencies / CERT
  • GDPR violation resolution via EDPS
  • Phishing reports and suspension via APWG
  • European Anti-Fraud Office

We plan the fastest, most effective incident response plan for your enterprise, based on your unique needs.
Our incident response plan is communicated to you with updates, as necessary, for rapid and effective deployment.