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Source code analysis

As the enterprise today is under constant threat from malicious attacks, source code analysis has become a top priority.By reviewing internally developed applications before they are deployed and third-party software before it is purchased,enterprises can find and fix software vulnerabilities before they can be exploited for malicious purposes.Since security efforts have largely been successful in securing the enterprise perimeter, hackers and other malicious individuals have turned their attention to enterprise applications. YardTech provides source code analysis to identify and mitigate flaws in clients applications by utilizing leading source code analysis tools and source code examination.

What we Do

  • Java (Java SE, Java EE, JSP)
  • .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET)
  • JavaScript (including AngularJS, Node.js, and jQuery)
  • PHP, ColdFusion, and Classic ASP


  • Static Code analysis
  • Dynamic Code analysis
  • RIPSTECH code analysis platform

YardTech will assess the products that you build. Unlike other firms, members of our team can efficiently inspect shrink-wrap applications and appliances,and find vulnerabilities in products before they ship or hit Bugtraq. We provide security acceptance testing prior to releases and can help you build security into your development lifecycle during design, development, and testing.