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Web security

Web application security includes common vulnerabilities and complex application logic, we test the defences, monitoring, and responses of your websites and applications.

Ethical Hacking

Manual testing and verification of vulnerabilities, including exploitation on a pre-defined scope for network infrastructure, web application and mobile application

source code analysis

YardTech experts will perform an in-depth application code analysis to detect security vulnerabilities. Input validation logic, memory management, authentication, API calls and code path flow are all important aspects of software that need to be reviewed and scrutinized. 

IT Infrastructure

YardTech experienced IT professionals help you meet your evolving business needs by optimizing IT resources, application performance, and business processes. Our services span many emerging and hybrid enterprise technologies, and we offer a comprehensive suite of network performance and security.

Network monitoring

Our 24x7 network monitoring service will constantly scan your IT Infrastructure and will alert us to any issues and allow us to respond before they become business affecting, helping keep your systems running and your business stakeholders happy.

Incident response

YardTech security incident response is rapid, coordinated, and effective in safeguarding your enterprise. Our incident responders investigate attacks, contain the impact, take immediate remediation actions by collaborating with your in-house teams where needed, and finally restore data and systems to a protected state.